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I'm personally more inclined to believe that such a marriage could be a long and harmonious. And yet many people consider a marriage without love is not a full union. Yes, it is nice to live well with the independent, wealthy and reliable man, to respect him, but without love, such a union is a kind of suffering, because some things have to be done without desire. Therefore, all "for" and "against" must be counted in advance. Can arranged marriage turn into a love marriage?

Of course. But love is a broader concept than the selection of a suitable partner. A mutual attraction or friendship can turn into love. It is impossible to predict whether the union will be successful. Only efforts of the man and the woman will make it successful. What Is Stronger? In: Popular topics. Marriage is Love Marriage My essay on love marriage and arranged marriage will describe these types of marriages.

A good marriage rests on three pillars: Mutual trust. This is the most important factor that makes a marriage successful. It is important feeling that two people live for each other, and that marriage is built on principles that both spouses respect each other. Mutual respect. Each spouse should know how the partner acts in a given situation.

Both partners are individuals, but clay that binds their marriage is their common views. Selfishness is an enemy number one. Try not to be selfish, if you want your marriage to be successful.

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Marriage is an obligation for a lifetime. A life path is not always strewn with roses. And even roses have thorns. When faced with difficulties, the husband and wife must together find a way out of a difficult situation. There is no benefit from mutual accusations. Endurance is the key to success. Kung trial marriage could be acquainted with people living together before getting married, or cohabiting as part of a condition before marriage, depending on religious…… [Read More].

Shape of Marriage Depends on Where "Home" Is In the story, the definition and shape of marriage was shown to depend on the sense of what and where "home" is by the characters of Mala and her husband. Despite of the fact that their marriage was arranged, it was a responsibility in their culture to live as husband and wife. For the couple, marriage is to be shaped by this responsibility and by their togetherness.

Thus, when the husband went to America for a job, Mala followed after some time to live with her husband. America was not their home but the sense of being a "home" was there in America, as it was in Calcutta, for the couple. Even though they were in another land, America, their second "home," helped them to establish their marriage as well as their family. From…… [Read More]. Islamic and Christian Marriage Rights. This includes images of women in hijabs, Turkish women in chadors and women who must be veiled in public at all times.

Distorted beliefs about Islamic beliefs regarding polygamy and the subservient role of women further contribute to the stereotype that Muslim women are more oppressed than their Christian counterparts. However, while strict laws do present limits to the public lives of many Arab and Muslim women, these stereotypes do not present a complete picture of their lives.

As ethnographer Susan Schafer Davis observed, Muslim women have and continue to exert considerable influence in the private sphere of family and women's associations. This gave them much more autonomy and power than Christian women of the same era. This paper examines the scope of a Muslim woman's authority and power within the private…… [Read More].

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Tammie Martin English Marriage What. According to this research, these trends are due to changes in the association of husbands' and wives' education rather than by changes in the relative supply of more- and less-educated partners.

In addition to income and education, individuals select marriage partners along racial lines Fu, In fact, although racial homogamy has declined over time, it remains as the strongest pattern in assortative mating according to Fu. Further, many individuals remain particularly resistance to marriage between whites and blacks than they do between whites and other minorities. Fu also reveals that African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans who are in interracial marriages tend to have a higher socioeconomic status than others from these groups.

Fu theorizes that this higher socioeconomic status helps to equalize their status with majority group partners. In summary, forced marriages may be dead, at least in the modern Western world, but individual preferences are alive and well. Ironically,…… [Read More].

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Homosexual marriage does not pose a threat to me or my manhood therefore I am for it. I will choose a woman for my partner, but if another man desires to choose one of his own sex, there is no harm for me in his choice. In fact, since we are both part of humanity, his legal union, as does mine, brings positive reinforcement to the institution of marriage. As early as BC Plato in his Symposium discussed the mystery of sexual desire, concluding that humans are always searching for their other half, having been cut in two as punishment by Zeus.

The whole humans that existed before this action, according to Aristophanes, Plato's debating companion, all had two heads, four legs and four arms. They were of three types: some with…… [Read More]. Feminist Analysis of Dryden's Marriage. Adultery and any sort of infidelity turns out to be a different story for men as Rosenthal stresses: "prohibition against adultery is not about property, pregnancy, misdirected male desire, or bloodlines, as one might have thought, but about the prevention of female comparison" Rosenthal, as sharing men would be established by the size of their sexual organs.

A recurrent theme in the play from a gender perspective relates to the fact that the play is generally a patriarchal type of play in which paternal figures are predominant and the evolution of the other characters is a direct result of this way of using power. The women in this play, especially Doralice and Melantha are victimized as women had lesser rights to speak their minds or act according to their decisions.

The paternalistic environment is also observed in the way Palamede and Rhodophil behave, as all four of them find…… [Read More]. Hindu Marriage Which Is Considered. Fried rice or popcorn is offered into the sacred fire Hinduism. The marriage ceremony itself takes place at the Vedi, where banana tree trunks are decorated against the open sky. The boy and girl sit together on a wooden seat. Parents of the bride, groom, and two priests surround the couple. Vedic mantras are said throughout the ceremony Mypurohith. The sacred fire is a crucial part of the marriage ceremony, and begins the rites and ceremonies that make up the ceremony.

The sacred fire provides a pure and spiritual atmosphere for the marriage Hinduism. The boy and girl, tied together by the symbolic marriage knot, walk around the sacred fire seven times. Traditionally, the new marriage is not considered to be complete until the seventh round around the consecrated fire.

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Before this time, the marriage can be revoked Mypurohith. Samagree, a mixture of herbs, sandalwood, clarified butter, rice, twigs, and…… [Read More]. This subject interests me from both a moral and a legal standpoint. The topic has gained national as well as global attention. The debate is especially heated in the United States where the matter is being decided on a state by state basis.

The essential question that surrounds this topic is if same-sex marriage good for society. The ongoing debate over same-sex marriage often generates more heat than light as there are people who feel very strongly about the issues involved on both sides of the argument. This debate cannot be ignored, as legislators and voters around the country wrestle with whether and how to recognize same-sex relationships. Almost two decades ago William Bennett and Andrew Sullivan argued this issue. Sullivan asserted that forbidding same-sex partners to marry prevents them from being a full and equal part of America and forces these couples to lie or hide…… [Read More].

Family Systems and Marriage Psychology. Psychology of Marriage and Family Systems Vignette One Considering the reading assignments in both texts, what do you see going on with Pete and his family?

Arranged vs love marriage essay

Family dynamics is affecting Pete and his family. The point of focus is the pattern of dynamics apparent in Tim's family, including the impact that the youngsters behavior has on the family members.

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  6. The following points affect family dynamics: Intra-parental relationship number of youngsters in the family persona of each of the family member an absence of a parent the assortment of individuals who are living under the same roof level and type of influence from extended family or others a chronically sick individual within the family a veritable assortment of societal and emotional trauma faced in the past by elders, such as an divorce, affair, unemployment, death, homelessness familial attachments, or lack thereof i.

    Artistic Expression in Van Eyk and Grant: A Comparison There are few things that convey such intimate detail about any given period in history as its work of art. By incorporating certain principles of design and composition, the artist can visually represent or rebel against the artistic and social conventions of his or her time. As such, visual arts such as painting and sculpture become not only a representation of their creators, but also of the wider context within which they existed.

    This becomes all the more poignant and clear when works from different time periods are compared and contrasted, especially where these concern similar types of relationships among the elements being presented for scrutiny. IN Van Eyk's "The Arnolfini Marriage" and Wood's "American Gothic," the center stage is taken by a romantic couple in each case; in both cases the protagonists are most likely married or at least involved…… [Read More].

    Social Psychology Please Follow the Directions and.