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Place your thumb at the top of the sternum and where you pinkie finger reaches at the bottom of the sternum, is the location for compressions. With your hands clasped one on top of the other or interlocked, kneel beside the patient keeping your elbows straight.

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After 30 compressions, give two squeezes of the non-rebreather for both children and adults by tilting the head back, place mask on the face using one hand on the forehead and the other on the chin to secure the mask. With infants, it is important not to tilt the head as this will block the airway.

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Continue BLS until there are signs of life, ambulance take over or you are physically unable to continue Australian Resuscitation Council. A defibrillator delivers a controlled electric shock to the heart.


Continue to watch them, constantly re-assessing the patient for any change to their condition colour, breathing, condition Australian Resuscitation Council. We use the recovery position rather than laying the patient on their back to prevent the lower jaw dropping and causing the tongue to fall back and block the airway, it can also be contributed to the patient being unable to swallow or cough occluding the airway.

Questions: Question from students.

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Practice: This time is used for students to practices the skills they have just learnt. Feedback was provided as each individual performed BLS to improve their performance.

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This in turn encourages the teacher to reflect on the rationale of the teaching and learning strategies implemented. Giving the students the opportunity to clarify any areas of concern. Equipment neededLab room2-Students who have attended the pre-prac lectures and read the prescribed reading3-White board4-White Board markers5-BLS dummy6-Gloves7-Disposible face mask for dummy8-Cleaning solution for dummy post exercise9-Printed overview of the sessionLearning objectives handout Defibrillator.

The Benefits of BLS Training

Teaching plans also allow for the various methods of learning such as auditory, visual and tactile ensuring each student the opportunity to learn regardless of how they learn. Basic Life Support Teaching 10 October We will write a custom essay sample on. Basic Life Support Teaching. A limited time offer!

Pediatric CPR

Adolescents and adults are advised to be used by those suddenly collapsing in an environment outside the hospital home, workplace, park etc. Courses containing only cognitive learning can be done entirely online. In the course of teaching cardiopulmonary resuscitation, students must complete the online section and complete the AHA coach and face-to-face skill exercises and tests.

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The teacher evaluates the skills of the student, and if the two parts of the course are successfully completed, the student will receive a valid course certificate for two years. Activity: Overview of basic essay structure presentation with gaius charles bolin dissertation fellowship students. Donations to the Life sample of proverb essay arms essay farewell Lessons Scholarship Program assist American psychology association essay format young people thesis on nursing arts seeking a college education who are struggling.

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