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There is a distinction between freedom to and freedom from. Freedom to means liberty to do whatever you want and according the Aunt, that is pre-Gilead freedom where women ended up being raped or harassed or hurt. Instead the Aunt suggests that Gilead offers a freedom from all those things. Essentially Gilead appears to be the savior who put these women in this strict confinement so that they are safe from all the harm of freedom.

The eyes in any dystopian novel often resemble surveillance.

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Offred is often paranoid of all her connections and thinks they are spying on her and sees eyes everywhere. This fear and paranoia is what keeps the citizens in check and works to prevent them from communicating freely. The color red is often interpreted by Offred herself as color with an ambivalent nature.

Red is also a color that is often associated with fertility which symbolizes the Handmaids.

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Short Answer Questions Key. Oral Reading Evaluation Sheet. Reading Assignment Sheet. Present day society could easily go along the same route as the Republic of Gilead by lack of freedoms, sexual discrimination and lack of privacy.

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Offred is our guide to lead us against an Orwellian society. If we are not careful, we will become like the Republic of Gilead and have no freedoms. The oppressive regime in Gilead has restricted all forms of freedom as a way of protection. Freedom to and freedom from.

How appropriate is the ending to “The Handmaid’s Tale”?

Now you are being given freedom from" Atwood, The government is trying to prove that the lack of freedoms is a way to protect the general society. However, the lack of freedoms is just a way for the government to retain power and to protect its best interests.

A lack of freedoms would lead to more rebellions like there are in Gilead. At the Salvagings, crimes can no longer be read aloud, as they ".