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She knew they were more stoic than popular culture and Dolly magazine gave them credit. They take place in spaces all young adults inhabit. It is a book that, in the tradition of J. Salinger and Vera Brittain, speaks about the vicissitudes of moody teenagers:. Sometimes I feel like a junkie. Josephine Alibrandi was someone I knew.

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She could have been me in my adolescent moodiness. Like Asians, Mediterraneans appeared on commercial television only if they made fun of themselves. So we had Con the Fruiterer, Effie, and later, the multicultural cast of Fat Pizza which included the first mail-order bride boat person ; and we called this our self-depreciating, larrikin sense of humour. So making fun of ourselves was often tinged with some degree of self-loathing.

She is self aware — she makes fun of herself and her family, but it is a gentle and self-contained humour. Ethnic is a word that you people use to put us all in a category.

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This is ridiculous, because everyone has an ethnicity. It also erases our first peoples. My friend, the writer Anita Heiss, recalls overhearing two people on a plane trip discussing their ancestry. When this book came out, it was ground-breaking. It was a book that made it possible for a generation of young adults to identify as Italian-Australians. It showed them that they did not have to choose between one or the other. And it became popular and loved largely because librarians and English teachers all over Australia believed students should not shy away from stories about themselves, dealing with issues they faced day-to-day.

And her character is strung together by the stories her mother Christina and Nonna Katia tell her about strong, stoic women who do not conform to stereotypes. When her father comes back into her life, she and her mother do not feel dependent on him.

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Nonna Katia was dependent on her husband, and while her mother has a job as a medical receptionist, Josie wants a career and not just a job. But her mother advises differently:. Respect is.

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I detest that word. Probably because in this world you have to respect the wrong people for the wrong reasons. One of the most important, but overlooked themes of this book is class. Today, such a narrative would be covered by a sheen of self-awareness and perhaps even a mean streak of ironic humour. Yet she learns that although the actions and decisions of her parents and ancestors might shape who she is, they do not determine who she will be.

And deep inside, she respects the underdog more than the privileged.

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Women like her mother and grandmother made important life decisions in their teenage years. They crossed continents and had children, they found work and fought tradition. When she arrived, she suddenly found herself a muted woman. We were ignorant. They were ignorant. Jozzie, you wonder why some people my age cannot speak English well. It is because nobody would talk to them and worse still they did not want to talk to anyone. Josie is the bridge between her two cultures. She will talk to everyone and anyone. She has friends from all walks of life.

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She thinks she is attracted to the great private school debater, but rides on the back of the motorcycle of the public school boy who threw eggs at her as a kid. She is rude to her grandmother and father out of love and loyalty towards her mother. Respect, for her, is not to be automatically doled out to people with seniority or in authority.

Respect has to be earned. After all, an allusion on Facebook is not as honest as a face-to-face claim. Josie may have mentioned that the Italians kept Telecom in business, but this book was written before the era of common mobile phone use.

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Josie knows that sexuality is very different from sex. She owns the former, and does not want the latter to be just a meaningless exercise.

https://enoreralun.ml Not dying. Family shows who she is, and by accepting that, Josie is able to live freely to the life she dreamed of, although not in the way she originally expected.

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Throughout the book, family influences Josephine to reach her goal of emancipation, creating a connected family and a liberated perspective on life. Throughout the book, Josie's way of thinking changes immensely, from negativity towards her family and culture, to a new understanding and perspective towards life. This is the effect from family, personal experiences, and sharing truths and feelings.

Which teaches Josie how she feels about her culture, family and find the part of herself which is embedded in her family. Showing that her family influences and changes the way she feels about life and gives her a new perspective towards it.

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  • As the book progresses, Josephine learns to appreciate family - the sacrifices they make her, her Italian heritage and the community of family. Josie became respectful and thankful towards her family as apposed to resentful, because they loved her and Theme: Family. In WriteWork. WriteWork contributors. Theme: Family" WriteWork. WriteWork contributors, "'Looking for Alibrandi' essay.