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Do foreign-trained attorneys who want to become members of the New York bar need to take a full bar review course? Yes, indeed. First, the bar exam is notoriously difficult for most foreign-trained lawyers, and they fail at twice the rate of JDs. Not knowing enough law has to be a major reason, but there are at least five additional reasons why taking a full New York bar course is vital, not optional.

Nothing sets Judge Garland's legal writing apart. That is good news. He is simply an accomplished legal writer, as of course he should be.

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His opinion in ACLU v. CIA reveals no quirks or weaknesses.

It is clear, it is persuasive, and it was written for a unanimous court. Wrong again. My veterans exploded over this one.

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Many people in New York welcomed adoption of the UBE on the theory that it would make the bar exam easier to prepare for. Good-bye to dozens of New York distinctions, good-bye to detailed New York rules. Maybe not. Late on the Tuesday night of the bar exam, July 28, , I started receiving desperate calls from bar candidates who couldn't upload their essays and MPTs to ExamSoft and couldn't get through on the help line.

In fact, thousands Nationally, the average MBE score on the February bar exam went down, to That is a 1. Why be surprised? In February, after all, the previously Why did the Supreme Court agree to hear the Glossip case about lethal injections? On Wednesday, April 29, the last day of oral argument for the term, the Supreme Court heard arguments in Glossip v.


Gross, a death-penalty case regarding legal injections. Recent notoriously botched executions make this case timely. But why did the How long does it take to prepare for the New York bar exam? The answer if you are about to graduate with a JD is, it takes two months, either June and July or January and February. But what if Does the Germanwings air crash case raise questions of jurisdiction, venue, and standards of proof? The recent Germanwings air crash presents a horrible story.

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But for bar candidates itching to apply Federal Civil Procedure, the fact that three victims were Americans may appear to raise issues of jurisdiction, venue, and burden of proof. For those Who are your competitors in bar exam tutoring and bar exam preparation? How do you compete against them? One giant company, BarBri, dominates the bar-exam preparation business, with 80 to 90 percent of the market.

A number of large corporations offer training in writing or speaking for practicing lawyers, as Continuing Legal Education CLE. New companies enter the field every day. I never feel we are competing, however, because BarWrite's approach is different. In my forthcoming book "How to Study for the Bar Examination," I will teach study-schedules and study systems that help bar candidates prepare to score high on the bar examination.

I will teach bar candidates how to organize research in the law office and how to score high on a part of many states' bar exams, the MPT, that candidates often have trouble completing in the time allowed. It sounds like an offering that people really need. I'm sure many law school students are wondering "How do I pass the bar exam?

So, has your experience in running the business been different from what you expected? We used to send prospective students away if they did not ask for help in exactly the format we were offering. Now, we try to offer our bar exam study resources in the format the students want. We offer bar exam courses, bar exam study prep books, and bar exam preparation CDs. We offer coaching on the telephone to people outside New York City. Indeed, some of them are outside the United States.

I wish we had been flexible earlier. What have you done that has been very effective in helping to grow the business? BarWrite was among the first in the bar-preparation business to use the internet and email marketing. That has helped us enormously. Many of the students in our large-group classes in New York City heard about us online. Students hear about us from other students online. They write to us and ask advice by email. We send out email newsletters, and students actually write to us to say Thank you for those newsletters. What advice would you give to somebody else who wanted to start a test preparation company?

First, make sure you really know how to make a difference to students' test scores. To further complicate matters, as I am sure you have heard, and as amply reported in publications like the Los Angeles Times and the ABA Journal, Bar exam pass rates have been on a steady decline for the last several years. To compound that problem, many states, like California, are refusing to lower their exam pass cut lines to raise the pass rates.

In other words, the state bar licensing agencies are refusing to grade the Bar exam on a curve, citing the need to preserve public protection. An analysis was done and the researchers found that the decline was not due to lower scores on the multiple choice portion of the exam known as the MBE. It was determined that the lower bar pass rates were due to a higher failure rate on the essay questions.

Unfortunately, the long standing traditional Bar preparation courses have not adapted their curriculums to compensate for this change. In the past, the MBE was considered the most difficult and tricky portion of the exam to pass. Consequently, the major emphasis, in the companies offering full service Bar review, focused on the techniques of mastering MBE. The companies assumed the skills required to actually break down and analyze essay questions were learned within the law school curriculum.

Today, although the full service giants in the Bar prep industry like BarBri, Flemings, and Kaplan, and the smaller ones like Bar Max, AmeriBar, and Themis, continue to offer full service courses and dominate the market, their curriculums have remained the same for several years.

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  • When choosing a Bar exam preparation course, remember that not all courses are alike. Most of the Bar review courses are not full service courses, as they focus on one particular aspect of the Bar usually as a supplement. For example, courses their courses may only focus on the MBE portion or the essay portion or just the performance portion. Then there are companies which focus on a particular type of exam or jurisdiction, for example, a course focusing just on the California first year exam or the New York exam.

    Other companies are focused on those students who have previously failed the exam, and thus their approach with the second time takers is much different than if you are a first time taker.

    How To Seek Accommodations For The Michigan Bar Exam

    If you are a first time taker, these limited courses will not fulfill all of your needs and should not be considered as your primary Bar preparation course. If you find that you need some supplementation at some point, then, of course, you should look at what they offer.

    Because it is critical that as a first time taker you take a full service course, I will not be including those limited curriculum focused companies within the comparison below. In addition to these limited focus companies, there are several companies which provide Bar review in a tutorial setting, whether one-on-one or in small groups, but mostly face-to-face. These are usually regional companies, requiring your attendance and have very limited enrollment.

    In addition, because they are so hands-on personal tutorial courses, they mainly cater to those Bar takers who have previously failed the exam. Because of the small capacity, the regional considerations and that the course curriculums often focus on the student who has already taken the Bar exam, I am of the opinion that these companies should also not be considered by the first time taker but of course, that is a personal choice. Thus, I will not include the companies that focus on a tutorial format in the comparison below.

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    That leaves the full service companies for your review and comparison. Before we begin the comparison, I would like to say a word about published Bar pass rates and published pricing for these individual companies. BarBri does not officially publish Bar pass rates, however it has been reported in the press that their sales people verbally tout an 80 percent pass rate.

    The publication of a Bar pass rate, by a Bar prep company, has always left me in a quandary. How precisely do these companies establish a protocol to accurately assess the percentage of those people who have taken their course and then passed the Bar exam?