Thesis statement from letter from birmingham jail

On April 19, , Martin Luther King Jr MLK wrote a detailed letter from Birmingham Jail in reply to some public releases which were directed at undermining his fight for civil equality.

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He made use of ethos, pathos, and logos, which are directed towards his own reputation and wisdom, to have the attention of the audience and to have the logic of influential thinkers, respectively. Rhetorical devices are present from the first paragraph. In his efforts to promote civil rights on behalf of the American community, he starts by explaining his state of confinement in the jail, which is a clear indication of how the poor are suffering in the hands of an unjust society.

He further states that he would wish to respond to their recent statements that his activities are unwise and untimely.

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This is meant to let the clergymen understand that Martin Luther King Jr. He proceeds to say that if he decided to look at each criticism that comes through his office, he would have no time for his work.

“Letter from Birmingham Jail” Rhetorical Analysis of the First Paragraphs

In this statement, Luther King wants to let his critics know that his civil rights work is far much significant than the criticism they have been directing towards him and that they would rather concentrate on their work since he has no time to direct towards their attacks. He also terms their criticism as genuine and set forth as a way of showing them that he can understand the reason behind their criticism.

He further indicates in the second paragraph the fact that the clergymen have an issue with outsiders coming into the city, whereby he intends to let them know that though they are against him, many are on his side since he states that it was an invitation. This again appears in the fourth paragraph, where he says that as long as a person is within the United States, no one should claim that he is an outsider.

Thesis of letter from birmingham jail

In the third paragraph, he likens himself with Paul to make it clear that he is a prophet of freedom and liberation, just like Paul. Claiming that he has been sent by Jesus shows that he has a very high authority in the religious field, and though people may be against him, God is on his side. Just as Jesus sent his disciples all over the world to take the gospel, Martin Luther makes it clear that he came to Birmingham due to the injustice that was prevailing.

He wanted to have his audience understand that he belonged to the congregation of the elites, and he has sufficient wisdom to put his opinions across. Secondly, Martin Luther King Jr.

Rhetorical Analysis of Letter from Birmingham Jail - Essay Example

King stresses the injustice in African Americans lives. He does so to give the readers a feel for the situation these people are constantly faced with. He gives the clergymen evidence from well known philosophers as well to give him more credibility. He also uses the Jewish philosopher, Martin Buber, to show the readers why unfair laws are favored by segregationists. His purpose of using important people to the religious and philosophy fields is easy to show not only does he believe in it so do these people.

Working to prove that every person living in the United States shall abide by the laws set forth, he also holds his position to stress his point: morality.

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In response to the clergymen, Martin Luther King Jr. King also shows his control as a minister of the church and a person who stands up for African-Americans to show the similarities between the clergymen and himself to create credibility.

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The main reason for him was having these protests in Alabama and other southern states is because at the time they were last people still convinced that segregation was morally acceptable. He was constantly being persecuted for his beliefs that segregation and racism is immoral.

Letter From Birmingham Jail Analysis by Wesam Hindi on Prezi

He must bring about authority as both a minister and a representative for African-Americans to have some kind of equality between him and the eight clergymen to be credible to his audience and erase the disagreements. He works up their emotions to avoid any competition and restate his views of civil rights movement. Martin Luther King, Jr. Finally, his audience is in the right mind too resolve the issue and is ready to listen to his point of view. He wipes out all of the wrong disagreements that are out of control throughout the WASP community.

King's Letter from Birmingham Jail Essay - Body Paragraphs

An important factor of this letter is that King finishes his letter with a request for some peace and harmony throughout. With those words being said, if the readers have just forgotten the disagreement, they shall keep in mind his motivation for peace.

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